Trump’s New Section 8 Update


Developed countries always go an extra mile to provide its citizens with the best of services as possible. These governments provide them free food and shelter and often cheques to live off on it. It is like kind of services that are provided to you free of cost unless you are not completely in a state to perform a job or work based on either of your mental or physical shortcomings. Often the government also assists families where there are minimum workers and more family members to eat off the income.

Sadly, such services are being badly abused by the citizens because many are using these services despite being completely fit and healthy to start working and earning a living on their own. Since, they are getting a monthly cheque they now believe that they are entitled to receive it every other month and there is no reason for them to go out and look for a job to manage out a batter future for themselves or their families. It is sad to see that people who are able to go out and work are still doing nothing to lessen the burden of the society.

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